NDT Tests & Diagnosis Systems

NDT Tests & Diagnosis Systems

RCC: Rebound Hammer/ Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity/ Impact Echo Test CAPO/CORE Test\Carbonation/Cover Depth/ Chemical including Chloride, Sulphate, Alkali Silica Reactivity & pH /RCPT/LPR/Half-Cell Potential / Concrete Resistivity/Concrete In-Situ Permeability/Water Permeability Testing

Masonry: Compression-Shear- Tension -Flexural Behaviour and Strength Assessment of Masonry, Deformability Properties in, Brick/Flat Jack Test/ Bed Joint Shear Test/Brick Prism Test /In-Situ Diagonal Shear Test/Binding Mortar

Steel: Bond Test Anchor Pull Out Test/ Ultrasonic Section Thickness Gauge/ Ultrasonic Flaw Test/ Magnetic Particle Test/ Dye Penetration Test/ Welding/Riveting Condition/ External Coating Thickness of Steel Members /Rebound Leeb Hardness Test/EOT-Pulley Load Test/Hydrostatic Load test/Shear- Tension – Strength for Bolt and Rivet/Pinhole and Air Bubble over Coated Surface

Wood: Hardness Index/Elasticity of Modulus/Resistance Penetrometer/Termite Attacks/Inside Voids/Mechanical Properties and Structural Behavior Assessment of Wood Members

Condition Survey- Structural Audit-Independent Technical Advice-Fire Damage Assessment

Fire Damaged Assessment, Fire Profiling by DTA & TGA, Comparative residual strength loss analysis between fire Damaged & Undamaged section, Temperature Leakage and Energy Efficiency Detection, Quality Audit of Construction (Design Data/In-Situ materials, Vertical Eccentricity & Alignment), Durability Analysis along with Corrosion-Crack Pattern-Depth Assessment, Crack Pattern Measurement, Tensiometer, Crack Till-Tale- Crack Scale, Traffic Volume Survey, Light Weight Deflectometer for Runway and Approach Road RE Wall lateral capacity Assessment, Bearing Condition and Overlay

Fire Damaged Assessment

recreation of architectural

Recreation of Architectural- Structural Drawings for Structure & Its Profiling

Layout Profiling for Plumbing System/Conduit Pipelines in Existing Building by Thermal Camera & GPR Based Scanner, Section Details of Wall/Floor/Layers/Leaf pattern by Endoscopic Method & Impact Echo Test/Scanning of Reinforcement in Structural Members in Numbers, Size & Cover Depth/Construction & Source of Materials/Assessment of Construction Pattern/Construction Sequence of structure, Scanning of Metallic and Non-metallic in Structural Members in Numbers, Micro-Core for Profiling, Infra-Red Camera for layer conditions, Baroscopic Condition Survey for External Sheathing Condition.

Material Characterization & In-Situ Strength Evaluation of Materials

Lime/Slag/Mortar/ Brick/other Construction materials properties characterization, Source of Materials, Material Composition by EDX, XRF, SEM/Petrography, Lime Content, Binding Mortar Strength, Elasticity of modulus Concrete and Rebar resistance against corrosion, Evaluation of Corrosion Rate &Rate of loss of diameter Salt Precipitation on Concrete/Steel, Bug/pin hole over coated surface

material characterization

stability analysis

Stability Analysis-Life Safety Assessment - Vibration Impact- Stability – Performance Certification- Maximum Load Carrying Capacity

Earthquake Resistivity, Fitness Certification for operation and Floor Extension, Vulnerability Analysis, Rapid Seismic Vulnerability, Disaster & Hazard Mapping, Post Disaster Investigation, Collapse Assessment, Performance based Pushover Analysis, Arch & Dome Analysis, Hanger, Pulley and Truss Analysis. Forced Vibration analysis of Building, Capacity of Structure against Thunderstorm and Cyclone, Tunnel and Underground Metro Vibration in Residential over ground area, Loading Capacity of EOT Crane, Chimney, Storage Tank, Silo, Floor and Slab, Feasibility analysis of Solar Panel or external load like AHU, Washer Installation, Machine Foundation & TG foundation Capacity upgradation Analysis.

Load Carrying Capacity Analysis & Load Test (Bridge/Floor/Pile/)

Load Rating (Static/Dynamic) for Bridges/ROB/Ramp/Slab/Floor Wind/Thunder Pressure Storm Test for Panel, Floor Load Carrying Capacity by Plate Load Test & Load Rating for Pavement & Runway, Pile Load Test, Pile Depth Analysis, Pile Integrity, Point – UDL Load Test, Load Rating for ROB, Bridge Pavement and Runway, / Two Point –Three Point Load Test.

Load Carrying Capacity Analysis

Repair Rehabilitation

Repair-Rehabilitation, Seismic Retrofitting, Periodic and Routine maintenance Scheme

Strengthening Design (FRP Sheet, Steel Plate Jacketing, Steel Angle Jacketing, RCC Jacketing Design, Laminate design) Bearing and Expansion Joint Replacement Design, Floor Strengthening for Heavy Operational Uses, Demolition Plan & Design, Repair Handbook, Enhancement of Performance life after Repair

Cost Statistical for Repairing-Strengthening

Tender Documentation, BOQ and Cost Analysis for repairing work, Complete Repair & Rehabilitation DPR, Tender as Per Client Budget/Durability of Repairing Scheme, Cost Comparative between New Structure & Repair Cost.

Cost Statistical

Under Ground Under water

Under Ground & Under water Investigation (Geophysical-Foundation-Archeological)

Detection of Buried Water Logging Body/Water channel/Materials by GPR & Seismic Refraction Test, Geo Technical Investigation for Soil Bearing Capacity, water Table & Soil Liquefaction, Foundation profiling by GPR/ Leakage Detection of Underground Liquid Channel or Pipelines by GPR, Utility – Wire- Pipeline Survey and Contour Mapping, Foundation Profiling, Soil Liquefaction Size. Silt Deposition level, Soil Electrical Resistivity, Under water investigation & Videography.

Structural Conservation of Heritage Structures, Residual Life Assessment

Historic Lime Design, Analysis of Compatibility of Modern Repairing Materials with Old Materials Strength Redesign of Jack Arch, RBC, Arch Vault, Brick Cement-lime Roof, Beam or Other Historical Structural Components Pipeline/material layers profiling by Infra-red camera / Masonry leaf profiling by Baroscopic survey.


Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring

Monitoring during the Launching of girder and Box, Hollowness or failure of Pre-Stressing or Post tensioning , Dynamic and Static Load Testing of Rail and Highway Bridge, Strain in cable strayed section , Expansion joint condition and Differential settlement due to traffic impact load, Deflection, Settlement & Crack Monitoring by LVDT, Vibration Analysis, Strain/Stress Measurement, Corrosion Monitoring System/ Temperature & humidity monitoring /moisture ingress monitoring, Moment and torsional force measurement by 3-Axis Accelerometer, Bearing movement, Mode shape of structure under dynamic load, Wireless sensor installations, Inclinometer, Tiltmeter, Electro –Magnetic Sensors, Bearing Sensors, FBG sensor, Load Cell, Temperature and humidity monitoring, Moisture Ingress monitoring, load Intensity measurement,

Performance Certification For Engineering Products

Performance check for Dry Wall, FRP, Glass Cladding & facade, EOT Crane, Hook/Cradle/Anchor & Brackets, Waterproofing Material by In-situ Water Permeability, Performance assessment of Hydrostatic Test for Liquid Tanks, Maximum Design capacity for High Strength Bolt, Anchor Capacity for Ducting, Hanging pipes, Epoxy Bond Test, Dyna, Shear Test, Slip Factor, Anchor-Bolt Test for, Pull Off Test, Pull out Test, Bond Strength Test , Tiles and Façade Voids and Adhesiveness Strength, Grouted- Anchored Rebar Pull Out Test.