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Earthquake Vulnerability analysis
IIT Roorkee campus Buildings, High Court & Vidhan -Sabha Patna, German Embassy buildings

Conservation of Heritage Structures
Kedarnath Temple, Jaiselmer Fort, Writers Building, Fort William (Dalhousie Barrack)

Repair & Up-gradation of Bridge 
Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna, Chambal Bridge Kota, PWD ROB/Flyover, North Western Railway (gauge conversion)

Safety certification of Schools, College, hotels 
PGI Chandigarh & IGMH Building – Maldives, LHMC- Delhi, KMC -Kolkata, Hotel Taj Mahal & Ginger, DAV, MCD-PWD schools

Condtion Survey / Structural Audit / In-situ Testing

& Complete NDT



Rebound hammer test
Ultrasonic pulse velocity test
Carbonation test
Chloride & sulphate test
Rapid chloride permeability test
Core compressive strength
Capo test
Linear polarization test
Cover meter test
Half-cell potential test
Concrete resistivity meter
Deflection and settlement monitoring
Stain and stress monitoring
Crack propagation monitoring
Vibration analysis
Temperature and humidity monitoring
Moisture/moisture ingress monitoring



Brick tests
Flat jack test
Prism test
Flexural and tensional test
Bed joint shear test
Diagonal shear test
Impact echo test
Lime mortar test
Dta/tga analysis
Water permeability test
Seepage-leakage test
Waterproofing material test
Alkali silica reactivity test
Petrography test
Exd & xrd test
Masonry wall thickness
Leaf & layer profile for wall


Steel & Bridges

Bond test
Anchor pull out test
Cradle stability test
Ultrasonic thickness gauge
Ultrasonic flaw test
Magnetic particle test
Dye penetration test
Under-ground pipeline leakage
Bridge static/dynamic load test
Slab load test
Pile load test
Pile integrity test
Eot crane load rating


Geo- Physical

Seismic refraction
Ground penetrating radar
Electrical resistivity meter
Underground water channel detection
Foundation profiling
Pipeline profiling
Infra-red camera
Baroscopic condition survey

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